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Global Luxury Boutique Hotel Roadshow debuts in Greater China, InterContinental Hotels Group promotes high-quality development of tourism market

Date: 2024-06-03

May 31, 2024, Shanghai, China -- As one of the earliest international hotel management groups to enter the Chinese market, InterContinental Hotels Group recently held the world's first luxury boutique hotel roadshow in Greater China, which was held in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chengdu, showcasing the group's rich brand portfolio and products. At present, upgrading the quality of life has become one of the main trends in the tourism industry. InterContinental Hotels Group has always adhered to the commitment of "in China, for China", continued to grasp the trend of the tourism market, and provided high-net-worth customers with quality services and personalized lifestyles that are more in line with their needs. At the same time, it uses advanced technology services to help the booming development of the tourism market.

Jiang Wei, Vice President of Business for Greater China at InterContinental Hotels Group, said: "As the first stop in the world, the luxury boutique hotel roadshow held in Greater China not only provides partners and consumers with an opportunity for face-to-face communication, but also demonstrates our firm commitment and attention to the Chinese market. The cultural tourism market is entering a new stage of development with diversified demands, alternation of old and new, and diverse personalities. Especially under the increasingly favorable entry and exit policies, InterContinental Hotels Group uses a rich and diverse brand portfolio and high-quality services to create personalized travel experiences with unique characteristics for guests."