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God Dragon (foot fish Lake) Niagara Falls is the Meiling';s largest and most beautiful waterfalls, is the ace of Meiling Scenic Area Scenic Area. A Dragon Falls, Tigers spring waterfall, jade Longtan Waterfall, Lake, on Lake Falls, Dragons Valley, Portland Zhuxi, Fuziling, three other natural shengjing Baoshu, and cliff climbing, swing, rafts, and other entertainment facilities. Also provides services such as camping picnic. Bamboo forest ...[Detail]

Medicine Lake is located in the main peak of washing Meiling Luo Hanling, and covers an area of ten acres. According to legend, the great physician Li Ming, who led his disciples to wash herbs medicine here, so here is called wash medicine lake, there is a local legend, the "Eight Immortals" of the torrent washed the feet here, so the locals called her is the "feet dock." Medicine Lake area cleaning, evergreen and pleasant weather. Summer, when ...[Detail]

Well Hung Ya Dan Meiling Scenic Area is the leading area. The park is the birthplace of Chinese classical melody and dance, past and present top ten Nanchang King - Well Hung Dan cliff, bell Drum, Chui Fine proudly Temple, Box King compact, rounded Villa mighty wind cents to commemorate the ancient Chinese temple music music , was the Tang Dynasty writer Lu Yu, Ouyang Xiu and Song named "the world eighth Stephen" Cliff Falls Hung Sheng Ji Quan ...[Detail]